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by David Hadbawnik



INTER vol. 01

Francis Raven: 

Richard Owens: Embankments

Christian Peet:
The Nines, Book II

Air 2

as canaries; as birdsdo not keep them; do not room; a room being painted; has an odor of new paint; no birds in new paint; like mining birds in mines; yellow birds; a bird warningof bad air
do not; likewise; the wisdom of like; set a cage in a window; the point; the wisdom; use a cage or head cover; a draft is injurious; like injury air
birds; do not keep birds; for a start as dental in the-a; as aunt in the end; so write—the-a  An-a-sta-see-a; Anastasia keeps birds in cages; swinging cages from a ceiling; lots of birds; the-oCosta in bed; uncle collector; of taxes—and birds; below—their chirping; it was the-o; who together kept birds; ill with fever 
if you intend to breed; birds—say in spring; do not cage—in winter together; during winter birds don’t even breed; won’t is a question; single birds kept in a room—as birds breeding;  or males and females in mating season—similar; in the same room; like the-o and the-a in bed; in separate—cages; causing mating—fevers ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Announcing Interbirth's Second Title:
Mary Burger's A Partial Handbook for Navigators

Interbirth Books is pleased to present Mary Burger's A Partial Handbook for Navigators. This handbound, hardback edition explores the dynamic relationship between natural space, the human body, and the fabricated structures and environments that modify the nature of our interaction with the external world. Burger approaches her subject through an innovative combination of poetry and prose designed to challenge our expectations of form and reveal poetry's capacity to navigate the space between environment and experience. 

One hundred books were hand bound using a traditional Coptic stitch. Fifty books are numbered and signed by the author. Acquisto viagra generico online in Italia.  This edition includes a removable screen-printed wrap by Clifton Riley and cover art by Amy Trachtenberg (Rift Zone, 2008).

47 pages -- 61/8 in. x 61/8 in. x 1/2 in. -- $25 + shipping.